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Hoop Nation By Alexis

The "BABY" Hoop 2"

The "BABY" Hoop 2"

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If you want to express your love to your mother, girlfriend, fiancee, wife, grandma, sisters, brothers, or friends—or anyone else in your life—these are the perfect gift.

These 14K Gold-dipped Hoop Earrings are the perfect combination of beauty and strength. The earrings are designed with a stunning synthetic cubic zirconia stone that shines in the light, making you feel like a million bucks. The hypoallergenic material is perfect for sensitive ears, and will never irritate your skin.

2" Gold Hoop Earring The BABY Hoop 2

These Circle Hoop Earrings will be an amazing addition to your collection, or even better as a gift for someone special! These 14K gold dipped hoop earrings can be worn on any occasion, from a day at the beach to an evening out with friends. They're sure to make you feel like royalty wherever you go!

2" Gold Hoop Earring The BABY Hoop 2


  • Beautiful 14K gold-dipped hoop earrings in a sleek, sleek style.
  • Perfect for everyday wear they'll match anything in your wardrobe!
  • They are the perfect accessory to complement your everyday outfits.
  • Gold is the metal of luxury and these 14K gold dipped smooth hoop earrings are no exception.


  • 14K Gold Dipped Hoop Earrings 
  • Precious 
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Width-2"
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